Step Up Camps

The Step Up Education Camps offer displaced children and youth refugees, who have fled conflict and violence, a chance to gain vital life skills during the summer and winter holidays. We use empty classrooms and child friendly spaces in the refugee camp, to provide an educational programme for young refugees during their holiday break encouraging productivity, creativity and learning.

The children learn about their health, hygiene and emotional wellbeing. Through our Peace Building programme they explore common values in an environment that respects all cultures and faiths, and promotes understanding and appreciation of differences amongst tribes and local communities. The youth also have the opportunity to develop vocational skills that are not covered in school and improve their English skills. The programme emphasises youth leadership, empowerment and gender equality. Selected youth are invited to join our leadership training workshop and join our team of volunteers to run the Step Up Camps.

“The Step Up programme keeps the children busy in a productive way in the holidays. It provides education in new and interesting ways, which can inspire students to not quit schooling. This is an important priority for us”

Mohamed, Eritrean Refugee Teacher