Step Up Clubs

Pending a grant in 2019, The Step Up will join local NGO’s to support after school creative Step Up clubs. These clubs will encourage children and teens to come together during their free time, to develop their skills and talents in a productive environment after school hours. The clubs will be run by trained youth refugee volunteers who will be mentored and supported by the Step Up team. The youth will be able to choose what clubs they would like to join, and will be able to develop their skills based on their interests.

This will include, Drama Club, Art and Design Club, Music Club and Science Discovery Club. Step Up Clubs were piloted during the Step Up Programme in Djbouti.

“During the Drama club, the girls were encouraged to speak aloud and act in role plays in English, which really built their confidence. It also encouraged them to share their opinions which is very good”

Ragam - Somalia Refugee Teacher