Step Up Leadership

The Step Up Leadership Programme offers youth refugees leadership training and leadership experience in working with young people in an informal setting. The youth will be selected by their community and schools or local NGO’s join the Step Leadership Programme. Once training has been completed they will be offered an opportunity to gain hands on leadership experience in the Step Up Camps or Step Up Clubs in their local community. Then are also able to join the development team and take part in planning and leading different activities and join our Step Up staff evaluation meetings. Each youth participant receives a certificate for their volunteering work, according to the number of hours they volunteered.

Special awards will be presented to youth who have given 50 hours of their time volunteering for their community.

`` It was very good for them to be empowered and join this leadership programme. It developed their skills and showed them what it is like to lead and guide the younger teens and volunteer in their community``

Shobana - NGO Worker Uganda