Uganda currently hosts the largest number of refugees in Africa. Most refugees are fleeing from South Sudan which is currently one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Since July 2016, nearly half a million refugees have fled the deadly fighting and sought safety in Uganda. Many thousands are crossing the border daily to find sanctuary and shelter in overcrowded settlements. Two-thirds of the fleeing population are under 18 years of age and most are woman and children.


The Step Up Programme takes places in the Adjumani region, in the Pagirinya village in Northern Uganda. The Pairiniya village is hosting 70,000 South Sudanese refugees in a settlement. Many of the children that have arrived have been displaced from their families, have lost relatives, witnessed extreme violence of their closest relatives, and are highly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.


The Step Up Programme provides vital knowledge and skills to children and youth from the host community and the refugee camp, in a safe a productive environment during the holidays. They learn subjects, life skills and livelihood skills that they are not able to cover in school.